A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

**Par 99** is a Metroidvania mini-golf game developed for both Windows and Mac for the 41st Ludum Dare.

One ball. One hole. Ninety-nine different ways to ruin a shot. Play now and you can answer all of life's burning questions. How many strokes will it take you to finish the course? What exactly are those strange devices scattered about? What sort of numbskull placed a wall there? Will all these questions actually be answered in the game or is the developer just messing with me? Find out today by looking it up on the internet. And also by playing **Par 99.**

Controls: Left click and drag to aim, release to hit the ball.

- Programming by Miles Fogle (@notnullnotvoid).
   - Twitter: [@notnullnotvoid](https://twitter.com/notnullnotvoid)
- Art and level design by Robert Eddie (@feenick).
   - Tumblr: [feenick.tumblr.com](feenick.tumblr.com)
   - Twitter: [@ffeenixcks](https://twitter.com/ffeenixcks)
- Music and SFX by Daniel Caton (@ninjapenguindan).
   - Website: [danielcaton.com](https://danielcaton.com)
   - Bandcamp: [danielcaton.bandcamp.com](https://danielcaton.bandcamp.com)
   - Twitter: [@NinjaPenguinDan](https://twitter.com/NinjaPenguinDan)


Par 99 win.zip 33 MB
Par 99 mac.zip 33 MB


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mac version exits immediately.